CLIMATE CHANGE : (Grades 4 — 12)

Finding Local Solutions to Global Problems
From plastic in the oceans to one-use plastic bags, from rising seas to burning forests, from species decline to CO2 emissions— our climate change online course for students will engage students in some of the most pressing issues of our time.
In this engaging and influential program, youth will:

  • Learn about global climate and environmental problems, including the plastic trash crisis, pollution and its effects, the shortage of fresh water, and other health threats.
  • Discover how these problems affect their communities.
  • Explore how their personal choices affect the environment.
  • Create a proposal to solve a problem related to climate change or the environment in their community.
  • Present the proposal to experts.
  • Present the final version of their proposal to their peers at a culminating event.

Processes and activities include:

  • Constructing a timeline of climate change-related events.
  • Creating an original public service announcement video about climate change.
  • Conducting online and field research.
  • Developing and administering questionnaires.
  • Creating charts and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Gain skills in video production and editing.
  • Develop leadership and problem-solving skills.

What's included?


  • Every module is accompanied by Prezi remote classroom learning experience that you will be sharing with your students. You will get the link to Prezi that will be active for as long as your subscription is active.

iDEAS by youth Symposium

We will help you prepare your students to the yearly competitive final event where they will present their ideas to experts, community leaders and investors.

Technical Support

We offer step-by-step facilitation instructions, teaching scripts and ongoing support for you to ask questions or clarify facilitation techniques and any other details of the program.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Purpose & Vision
  • Creating a Project Based Learning (PBL) Culture
  • PBLWORKS Gold Standards
  • PBL Facilitation Guides
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Resources
  • Certification
“Students told us they learned a lot about climate change and how it directly affects them. They felt inspired to make changes to their routines and personal habits—particularly relating to plastics and water.”
– iDEAS Climate Change Facilitator
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