Community Organizing: (Grades 4 — 12)

Developing Community Leaders for Change
What is a “prosperity mindset”? What are the habits of wealthy people? How to create abundance now and in the future?
These are just some of the questions students in Financial Wellness will explore. Tying together financial literacy, career aspirations, and saving habits, our financial wellness course is especially made for young people which help them to develop a positive relationship with money and adopt a success mindset. Service-oriented projects will also invite students to demonstrate compassion to people in need in their communities.
In this deeply personal and empowering journey, youth will:

  • Clarify their values.
  • Articulate their dreams and goals.
  • Explore potential career paths that align with their passion, purpose, and skills.
  • Develop habits that lead to personal success.
  • Learn about money, bank accounts, credit and debit cards, credit scores, buying vs. leasing cars, renting vs. buying homes.
  • Learn about college preparation and financial aid.
  • Learn money management and investment strategies.
  • Write a resume and a cover letter.
  • Articulate the kind of lifestyle they want to live.
  • Explore what income and type of career that lifestyle will require.
  • Create and implement a project that benefits their community, aligns with their values and goals, and with one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Create a video documenting their process and presenting their project.
  • Present the video at the culminating event.
  • Engage with professional mentors.
  • Develop leadership and creative problem-solving skills.

Processes and activities include:

  • Conducting online research.
  • Developing PowerPoint presentations.
  • Presenting findings to peers.
  • Learning about money, budgeting, and investing.
  • Learning video production and editing skills.
  • Learning basic digital graphic design skills.
  • Setting and achieving personal goals.

What's included?


Every module is accompanied by Prezi remote classroom learning experience that you will be sharing with your students. You will get the link to Prezi that will be active for as long as your subscription is active.

iDEAS by Youth Symposium

We will help you prepare your students to the yearly competitive final event where they will present their ideas to experts, community leaders and investors.

Technical Support

We offer step-by-step facilitation instructions, teaching scripts and ongoing support for you to ask questions or clarify facilitation techniques and any other details of the program.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  •   Purpose & Vision
  •   Creating a Project Based Learning    (PBL) Culture
  • PBLWORKS Gold Standards
  • PBL Facilitation Guides
  • Assessment of Knowledge
  •  Resources
  •  Certification
“Excellent - creating real-life / real-world scenarios and projects that pull from community and societal issues.”
– iDEAS  Financial Wellness Facilitator 
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