Entrepreneurship: (Grades 4–12)

Developing Innovative Businesses & Services
In this module, students learn the basics of business and entrepreneurship, research and develop a business concept, and present it to an investor or a business professional. Our student entrepreneurship program inspires grade 4-12 students to imagine a business venture while still in school.
In this innovative program, youth will:

  • Understand entrepreneurship and learn how to create a business plan.
  • Learn about the history of business and its current trends.
  • Learn business research methods.
  • Learn how business impacts the economy and social movements.
  • Learn about financial reports, payroll, taxes, and basic business accounting (profit and loss, cash flow).
  • Identify their strengths, talents, and leadership style.
  • Explore career paths that interest them.
  • In teams, create a business plan that addresses the issue they care about.
  • Present their prototypes to peers and experts and refine projects according to feedback.
  • Present their final project to entrepreneurs/investors in a “Shark Tank” format.
  • Learn how to gain investors for their business.

Processes and activities include: 

  • Conducting surveys, focus groups, and interviews about different types of businesses.
  • Developing PowerPoint presentations.
  • Develop a business plan and present their ideas to investors.
  • Creating a public service announcement about their topic.
  • Creating a fictional financial report with a $1,350 start-up/seed money.

What's included?


  • Every module is accompanied by Prezi remote classroom learning experience that you will be sharing with your students. You will get the link to Prezi that will be active for as long as your subscription is active.

iDEAS by Youth Symposium

We will help you prepare your students to the yearly competitive final event where they will present their ideas to experts, community leaders and investors

Technical Assistance

We offer step-by-step facilitation instructions, teaching scripts and ongoing support for you to ask questions or clarify facilitation techniques and any other details of the program.
“95% percent of the participants knew nothing about entrepreneurship when they started the program. They left with plenty of knowledge about developing a business.” – iDEAS Entrepreneurship Facilitator
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