SYEP Older Youth

Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rock star from day one. The skills you need to start your career as a marketer. Thrive in your career!

Our Marketing module will engage students to learn how to identify the target market, reaching out to target audience through social media and running email campaigns to reach target audience through emails.

What's included?


  • Every module is accompanied by Prezi remote classroom learning experience that you will be sharing with your students. You will get the link to Prezi that will be active for as long as your subscription is active.

Technical Support

We offer step-by-step facilitation instructions, teaching scripts and ongoing support for you to ask questions or clarify facilitation techniques and any other details of the program.
In this engaging and influential program, youth will:

  • Learn to use a web-app to create presentation and graphic design.
  • Understand how to research target market for business.
  • Understand the importance of identifying and planning for specific target market.
  • Learn to align the value of a commercial product that contribute to a society.
  • Refine their communication, critical thinking, collaboration and team work skills.
  • Learn about direct marketing through e-mail & physical mail.
  • Understand different methods to gather information.
  • Practice and refine leadership and communication skills.

Processes and activities include:

  • Perform market research through survey, interview, discovery, and internet.
  • Collect reliable data for reliable usage.
  • Create a marketing campaign.
  • Developing and administering questionnaires.
  • Creating charts and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Gain skills in video production and editing.
  • Develop leadership and problem-solving skills.
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