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What is iDEAS?

iDEAS Empowered by Youth® is a 21st-century project-based learning program by Dignity of ChildrenTM designed to revolutionize education by helping young people develop the mindset of entrepreneur. Children and youth imagine and execute solutions to real-world problems, which allows them to discover their passions early and live from the heart while striving to make a difference in the world.

Middle & high school students develop job-readiness skills while learning how to make a difference in their community. K-3 students develop self-awareness & creativity following the curriculum based on children's books published by Ladderworks. Click here to see our current modules!








Complete K–12 Project-Based Learning curriculums designed to develop the mindset of entrepreneur.


A flexible program allows facilitators to implement their own knowledge, experience and teaching concepts


Modules include facilitation, motivation and engagement strategies for independent and group work.

iDEAS by Youth Symposium
August 10th, 2022

A space for youth voices to be heard. 

iDEAS by Youth Symposium is a yearly final event sponsored by Dignity of ChildrenTM and its corporate partners with the purpose of giving young people a voice. iDEAS Empowered by Youth® modules are designed to prepare students to compete in the iDEAS by Youth Symposium where they will get an opportunity to either present their group projects to experts and sponsors, or connect with their peers as ambassadors.

Student Testimonials

Our students love the program

The program went above my expectations. We made presentations that were in-depth teaching ourselves and others what we learned.

- SYEP Summer 2021
(Climate Change)
I loved the experience and even formed some bonds with people who have similar interests as me. This program taught me a lot and built up my teamwork skills as well.

SYEP Summer 2021
(Health & Wellness)
This program exceeded my expectations. I learned new things and explored new career options I never knew existed. My summer was worthwhile and productive than the previous summers.

- SYEP Summer 2021 (entrepreneurship)

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